Analyzing What Your Customer is Really Saying

In one of his last interviews, Steve Jobs spoke fondly about how he came up with the idea of iPad. Now, a voice analysis has identified Jobs’s innermost emotions at the time of the interview — loneliness, fatigue, emotional frustration, sadness mixed with happiness and possibly nostalgia. This in a nutshell is speech analytics — an audio mining technology that dissects the voice and detects the underlying emotion behind it. For the airline industry, struggling to handle huge volumes of calls in a competitive environment, this is a technology that is godsend.

Airline contact centers can sometimes be a source of frustration to an irate customer – managing the Interactive Voice Response (IVR), juggling multiple number-driven menus and the endless wait time – are major irritants. Speech analytics tools, backed by sophisticated algorithms and sentiment detection capabilities, can help call center agents detect a customer’s mood and accordingly offer the right solution. It’s no wonder that Southwest Airlines has already invested in a speech analytics tool that will allow its contact center agents to understand the nuances of a customer’s voice.

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