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Why Choosing Us

Our objective

Our objective

To work in a close partnership with our clients offering a business advantage, driving value and shift emphasis which helps organizations emerge successful. Innovative technologies and cutting edge solutions.

Why Callforce Global BPO ?

Why Callforce Global BPO ?

One and all enterprises operating on a global scale are increasingly moving towards partnering with Business Process Outsourcing companies to help transform their business by leap and bounds. The reasons aren’t too obscure too scan.

Our Services

Our Services

Outsourced services can be particularly advantageous for those small business that have limited capital and resources, as at Call Force Global BPO, you can find experts in a variety of fields, without hiring them all individually.

Callforce Global Technology

Callforce Global Technology Private Limited is a BPO based in India, Kolkata, who expertise in lead generation solutions, Inbound, Back Office etc. that match the tools utilized by top-ranking consumer data suppliers. A pool of well-trained professionals with nearly two decades of experience in related industries guarantees outstanding management of the data services industry. With specialists in Data Management, Business Outsourcing, and Innovative Solutions, Callforce Global Technology Private Limited guarantees data services that suit our clients’ needs.

We have 10 years of experience

We are the leading provider of client solutions with over 10 years of experience helping businesses to findcomprehensive
solutions and high growth for your business.


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Happy Customers


Cups of Coffee

“Harold was looking for a strong partner to help achieve business process reengineering for accounts closing process.
We were glad that we selected Callforce Global as they appointed skilled resources who had excellent knowledge and had positive attitude
We commend the team at Callforce Global BPO for your diligence, trustworthiness,
your accuracy and precision to date and above all, your positive attitude.”


"When we first started working with Callforce Global BPO we were a bit apprehensive as we weren’t sure what to expect.
All we knew is that we needed to outsource a lot of our administrative work as with the growth of No Agent Property we weren’t coping ourselves.
We initially outsourced small tasks to test the ground and very soon we found that the team at Callforce Global BPO
was not only coping with the work but were also very proactive in helping out.
Since then we have outsourced majority of our work to them. From the moment we commenced working with the guys,
it has been a breeze! We are extremely happy with your services and intend on expanding our requirements. Keep up the good work!"


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